Majeri law Firm is situated in the most important commercial street in Tripoli Libya.
We are dedicated to employing people who are able to provide high quality professional legal advice in Arabic and English languages.
The office manager Sghair Majeri graduated from faculty of law, Libyan university Benghazi on 1971, on 1984 the manager has been awarded post graduate diploma in diplomatic studies from Polytechnic of Central London. U.K, on 1985 has been awarded M.A degree from University of Salford.U.K, on 1971 appointed as public prosecutor in Ministry of Justice, on 1979 transferred to the Libyan Supreme Court, on 1992 resigned from the Supreme Court and established the Law Office.
Mr. Mohamed Tumi is graduated from faculty of law Gharyounis University Benghazi on 1990.
He is experienced in Penal, Civil, commercial and labour litigation